Reasons why co-working spaces are the best choice for startups

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Reasons why co-working spaces are the best choice for startups

Gone are the days when coworking was an esoteric conception, associated primarily with freelancers and shared office tables. The latest data indicates that the demand for co-working spaces is currently growing at a rate of 10-15% annually in the Middle East and Asia Pacific. One of the reasons behind this explosive growth in penetration is the increasing number of startups joining coworking spaces. And if you haven’t yet learned about the benefits of co-working spaces, here are (5) reasons why co-working spaces are a tool to help startups grow and thrive.


Start-ups often seek a work environment that provides them with the flexibility to expand their workforce. And if you’re a co-founder and want to grow your staff over the next few months, committing to a two-year office lease is the last thing you want to do. This explains why startups are flocking to coworking spaces.

By offering organic options ranging from allocating offices to providing private offices, coworking spaces provide the flexibility that many startups need, especially in their early stages of growth; For example, a company with no more than two or three employees might consider rotating desks, before switching to a small office room during staff growth.

Comfort and convenience

Another reason startups choose coworking spaces is that they give you an alternative to the day-to-day procedures of renting an office space. The question here is: What if the time you spent, and the money you spent on office managers or general maintenance, could be directed towards quadruple your work? By managing everything from electricity bills to utilities management, coworking spaces give startups the opportunity to manage their limited resources so they can focus all their attention on every little thing in their business.

Networking opportunities

Networking is an essential way for startups to build a solid customer base. So, it makes sense to find a workspace that supports more dynamic working relationships. Coworking spaces are designed primarily to generate opportunities for communication and collaboration. For example, it is very easy for people to strike up a conversation in the dining room over a cup of coffee, or during a professional development workshop.

Co-working spaces are also useful for arranging periodic networking events, which is a good platform for startups to benefit from their business relationships and even attract new clients. This broad vision can be no more than an asset for startups, especially if they rely on word of mouth marketing for their products and services. A coworking space gives you the ability to access a network of experienced entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. And in the event that you are a beginner founder in the early stages of establishing the company, it will be very useful to communicate with successful entrepreneurs, so that you can benefit from their knowledge and experience. Also, some coworking spaces include offering mentorship programs, and organizing frequent workshops or discussion sessions with industry leaders.

facilities and services

The world’s best co-working communities are keen to equip these spaces with modern facilities and services designed to help startups expand their scope of work. Membership in a well-equipped community usually provides access to the following facilities and services:

  • Meeting Rooms: To make conference calls, and hold meetings with potential clients
  • Places of rest: open balconies, billiard tables, and lounges
  • Stationery and other facilities: office furniture, electric folding office tables, walls equipped with writing boards
  • Food and Beverages: Free coffee, fruit, and basic appliances – such as a refrigerator and microwave

Since the building management is responsible for the maintenance, all the services you receive will be included in one monthly bill for your convenience; This helps in merging the monthly bills together and also leads to rationalization of expenses.

Balance between work and personal life

Recent surveys show that full-time workers around the world struggle to balance their personal and professional lives. Under the overwhelming pressure to scale, startup founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators worry about not getting enough sleep or making time for loved ones. So, can a co-working model alleviate some of this work-life balancing anxiety? Absolutely!

Shared workspaces help keep their workers on a set work schedule. Sure, you might have to stay up a few nights while building your startup, but at least you’re not working from a cramped, distracted home office.

Your attention due to chores or pets, right? With plenty of opportunity to spread out and get work done, co-working spaces are the perfect distraction-free environment in which founders can separate their work and home lives.

Conclusion :

Start-up companies often find that co-working spaces provide unparalleled support that helps them improve their business. With all the help of flexibility at work, it’s no wonder that more and more startups are opting out of the traditional office environment. Where co-working communities are keen to help startups grow and prosper by providing access to resources designed to help grow, dealing with like-minded entrepreneurs, and using comfortable and appropriate facilities. The data also shows that the number of co-working spaces is increasing by 22% annually across the region. In addition, memberships are increasing by about 40% annually.

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